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zeitimpuls shortfilm festival 2020 Trailer

zeitimpuls shortfilm festival is a short film festival with international reputation with focus on social and political issues. Every year zeitimpuls organizes a competition dedicated to all kinds of short films, ranging from shortest spots, mobile film to „bigger“ short films, with all kinds of aesthetics being welcome.

The trailer greatly captures some of the topics in this year's festival.

7 billion muthafuckas

The music video "7 billion muthafuckas" was created for Brendan Adams and his project BADAMS53.

"There're 7 billion muthafuckas out here tryin' to be free."

Take a look at BADAMS53

Go for it

The Story in Between

Thema: Wasser
Reflexion über den Wert von Wasser in der heutigen Wohlstandsgesellschaft.

The Story in Between

Coming Soon

The Pump and the System
A short film giving an entertaining explanation of the cardiovascular system.

...something whole produces something whole that is something whole of something whole...

...and the origin lies in matters of eternity.